Don't Take Fear For An Answer with Dr. Evelyne Leone

In this program I share medical insight and tools including a Destress On-The-Spot breathing sequence to stop the stress cascade that can get us sick. You will learn how to build stress resilience using life changing breathing practices you can do at home and the main principles of Ayurvedic Nutrition.


Dr. Evelyne, the founder of the Institute of Conscious Health, is a Medical doctor board certified in Functional Anti Aging Medicine. She was trained at the Cleveland Clinic and the American Academy of Anti Aging Medicine. Dr. Evelyne also holds certifications in Brain Fitness, Ayurvedic Medicine, Yoga, and Reiki.

Dr Evelyne combines conventional medicine, functional medicine and mind-body practices to address chronic and autoimmune diseases. She helps patients prevent disease, overcome chronic symptoms, and slow down the aging process. 

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